Message from the Dean

At Peking University, the discipline of education has a history of over a century. The Graduate School of Education, Peking University(PGSE) was reconstructed during the early stage of Reform and Opening-up. Over the past three decades, faculty members and students of PGSE have followed the academic principles of “freedom of thoughts” and “being all-inclusive of diverse ideas”. Guided by these principles, we respect truth, pursue excellence, explore the unknown, seek for innovations, and devote ourselves to teaching, research, and service. As we move forward, we are committed to striving for the unity of theory and practice, the integration of science and humanities, the confluence of history and reality, as well as the convergence of internationalization and localization.
     Education matters to the future of our country, as it can nurture the young and pass on the culture. Nowadays, the technological progress and social development raise higher demands on education. Meanwhile, they also bring about unprecedented opportunities for educational research and practice. PGSE sincerely welcomes colleagues and students from home and abroad, who are dedicated to education development to join us. We are willing to work together with professionals around the world, to explore educational knowledge, pursue academic excellence, cultivate first-class talents, and serve for the development of education.

Chen Xiaoyu
Dean of Graduate School of Education, Peking University