Ding Xiaohao

Professor: Ding Xiaohao

Educational experiences:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Beijing Normal University, 1982

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Peking University, 1984

Doctor of Education, PKU in 1995

Major research area:

Economics of Education, Educational Finance

Research interests:

Cost-effectiveness analysis of educational resources, Equity of educational opportunities, Education and labor market, Life long learning for vulnerable groups


Studying and researching in Institute of Higher Education at PKU, visiting scholar in University of Michigan, U.S.A, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, National Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan, Aarhus University, Denmark and Institute of Education, University of London


Ding Xiao Hao.“ Expansion and Higher education opportunity equalization”. Frontiers of Education in China,2007.

丁小浩. 规模扩大与高等教育入学机会均等化[J]. 中国教育学前沿, 2007, 4(2):24-33.

Ding Xiao Hao. “An Empirical Study on Scale Economy of China Higher Education”. Educational Science Publishing House,2000.

丁小浩. 中国高等院校规模效益的实证研究[M]. 教育科学出版社, 2000.

Current position:

Professor of Graduate School of Education, PKU

Vice Director of Institute of Economics of Education, PKU

Current lecture:

Research design of Educational economics for PhD students

Seminar on educational economics and management for PhD students