Cai Leiluo

Dr. Cai Leiluo, who received her Ph.D degree in Peking University, serves as an associate professor in GSE and the Director of Cai Yuanpei Research Association in Peking University. The research she is mainly conducting is about the history of the higher education in China, Cai Yuanpei’s study and postgraduate education in China. She is also teaching courses on the History of the Higher Education in China and the Higher Education in Modern China. During the recent years, Dr. Cai has participated in the Quality Analysis Study on Chinese Doctoral Education, the Cost-Benefit Analysis Study on the Government-funded Program for Graduate Study Abroad and the Survey on Chinese Graduate Education, co-authored Quality Analysis Report on Chinese Doctoral Education (2010) and Doctoral Education Quality: Concepts, Evaluation and Development (2010). Currently, she is in charge of editing the Collection of Cai Yuanpei's Works.