Chen Hongjie

Professor: Chen Hongjie

Educational experiences:

Bachelor of Arts in German, PKU

Doctor of Education in Higher Education, PKU

Major research area:

Pedagogy on Higher Education, Classical History on Higher Education, History of Academic Communication between China and Germany

Lectures on:

Basic Research Topics Discussion on Higher Education, Introduction to Education, History of

Higher Education in China, Advanced Knowledge and Higher Education


The scholar of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany

Research at universities in Germany


“The Idea of Classical Higher Education in Germany and its Impact to Modern China” (2002, 2005, 2015)


Chief Editor of “Between China and Germany-University, Academic, and Communication” (2010)


“Quality of Doctor: Concept, Evaluation & Trend” (2010)


“Selected Readings on Higher Education Research in Western Countries” (2014)


And other publications

Current position:

Director of China Doctoral Education Research Center, PKU

Chief Editor of “PKU Education Review”

Member of Appraisal Group on Educational Subject, State Council, China

Vice president of Higher Education Committee at China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) Secretary-General at Cai Yuanpei Association, China