Li Yin

Associate Professor

Educational Experiences:

BA (Ed.) (Central China Normal University)

M. Psy (Developmental Psychology) (Beijing Normal University)

PhD (Psychology of Education) (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Teaching Courses:

Psychology of Education, Psychological Development of College Students, Psychological Development of Teachers

Research Areas:

Structure and content of “implicit theories”, Expertise development, Moral development.

Selected Publications:

l  Li, Y.(2016). Book Review. A qualitative study on college English teachers' professional identity: Crises and strategies. Front. Educ. China. 11(2), 258-260. 

l  李茵、黄蕴智 [Li, Y., & Wong, W.C.] (2015): “教比学更难”— 我们该如何理解教学? [Teaching is more difficult than learning: How could we understand the essence of teaching?]。北京大学教育评论 [Peking University Education Review],第13卷第2期,181-186。

l  Wong, W.C., Xu, H. N., Li, Y., & He, W. J. (2014). What can we know about the creative potentials of teachers and students? What can we hope for in terms of the cultivation of creativity? International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving, 24(2), 23-42. 

l  Wong, W.C., Li, Y., Sun, X., & Xu, H. (2014). The control processes and subjective well-being of Chinese teachers: evidence of convergence with and divergence from the key propositions of the motivational theory of life-span development. Frontiers in Psychology (Specialty Section: Personality and Social Psychology), Volume 5, Article 467. Front. Psychol. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00467

l  李茵 [Li, Y.] (2008):教师眼中的教育专长:内隐理论取向的研究 [Implicit theories of pedagogical expertise among Chinese teachers]。北京:教育科学出版社 [Beijing: Jiao Yu Ke Xue Press] 。

l  Wong, W.C., Li, Y., & Shen, J. L. (2006). The Gould versus Heckhausen and Schulz debate in the light of control processes among Chinese students. In A.M. Columbus (Eds.), Advances in Psychology Research. Vol. 46 (pp.129-164). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

l  李茵、黄蕴智(2005):内隐理论的历史视野与当代探索:概念澄清与方法考虑 [The historical horizon and contemporary exploration on implicit theories: Conceptual clarifications and methodological considerations]。北京大学教育评论 [Peking University Education Review],第3卷第4期,116-127。

l  Li, Y. (2000). In search of wisdom. Published on CD by the Forum “Shaping-the-future” at the Global Dialogue of EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany. ISBN 3-00-006462-1.