Shen Wenqin


Shen Wenqin is Associate Professor of Higher Education at the Graduate School of Education, Peking University. He is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Educational Policy Studies at UW-Madison in 2013 and 2014. His research concerns research training system and doctoral education, history of higher education and internationalization of higher education. He has published many papers in these fields as well as two books, The Origin, Development, and Modern Transformation of the Western Idea of Liberal Education: A Conceptual History (2011), and The quality of Ph. Ds: concepts, evaluation and trends (2011, coauthored with Prof. Chen Hongjie). His researches have been published in international journals such as the Higher education, Higher education quarterly, European Journal of Higher education and the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management.


Teaching Courses:

Introduction to Comtempory Chinese Higher education

Ideas and institutions in higher education

University and Knowledge: the perspective of sociology of science

Research Field:

Governance, policy and quality in doctoral education

Internationalization of higher education and student mobility

Organization, production and evaluation of knowledge in higher education

History of the idea and practice of liberal education in UK, US and China

Global History of higher education research

Main Publications:

In English:

Shen W, Yao, G., Bin, Z., & Jin, J. (2018). Academia or enterprises: gender, research outputs, and employment among PhD graduates in China. Asia Pacific Education Review, 1-12.

Shen W. Transnational research training: Chinese visiting doctoral students overseas and their host supervisors. Higher Educ Q. 2018;00:1–13. https://doi.org/10.1111/hequ.12168

Zheng, G., Shen, W., & Cai, Y. (2018). Institutional logics of Chinese doctoral education system. Higher Education, 1-18.

Shen, W. Q., Liu, D., & Chen, H. (2017). Chinese Ph. D. students on exchange in European Union countries: experiences and benefits. European Journal of Higher Education, 7(3), 322-335.

Shen W. Liberal Education Traditions in the United Kingdom and United States: An historical perspective[J]. Higher education Forum (Published by Research Institute for Higher Education Hiroshima University),2016(13):25-42

Shen W, Wang C, Jin W. International mobility of PhD students since the 1990s and its effect on China: a cross-national analysis[J]. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 2016, 38(3): 333-353.

Shen Wenqin. Foreign Influences, Nationalism, and the Founding of Modern Chinese Universities International Higher education.2014(77):19-21.

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Hongjie C, Wenqin S, Leiluo C. Toward general education in the global university: The Chinese model[M]//The Global University. Palgrave Macmillan US, 2012: 177-187.

Academic Exchange:

Shen Wenqin & Liu Dong (May 27-28, 2016)Paper presented at the 4th conference of higher education research association: Equity, employment, and mobility in Asian higher education, University of Hong Kong

Shen Wenqin (June 27-29,2016). Chinese tradition, western models and institutionalization of the General/liberal education in Mainland China after 1980s. Paper presented at the conference The Quest for World-class University: The Role of Liberal Arts Education in Asia”, Ling Nan University, Hong Kong.

Shen Wenqin.(March, 6-10) Learning abroad and international understanding: Based on the survey of CSC-sponsored Chinese exchange doctoral students .CIES conference

Shen Wenqin(2015). International Mobility of Ph.D. Students since the 1990s and Its Impact on China- a Cross-national Analysis.  PKU-UW-madison workshop on history and sociogly of higher education. Beijing.

Shen Wenqin.(2015)“Liberal Education Traditions in the United Kingdom and United States”, History of education society (USA) 55th Annual meeting, November 5-8, St. Louis, Missouri

Shen Wenqin(2014). What Chinese PhDs Learned from abroad: based on the survey of CSC program. in EU-China DOC Conference & Workshop Series, The Preparation of Future Scholars: Rethinking Quality Assurance in Doctoral education. December 12, 2014.