GSE Ph.D. Students Won three awards for Outstanding Papers at China Studies in a Global Perspective Forum


Three GSE Ph.D. students recently won awards for Outstanding Papers at China Studies in a Global Perspective Forum in Beijing.



To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the international student education at Peking University and the 10th anniversary of the China Study Program, Peking University and the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation jointly organized a forum for international students and scholars on "China Studies in a Global Perspective" on June 17, 2022. Participants submitted abstracts of their papers that were initially screened by a panel of distinguished professors. Then full manuscripts were later reviewed to determine the winners of the awards. 15 winners were eventually selected by the judges, including three GSE Ph.D. students.


Doi Kenichi, who is graduating this year, presented his work in the session of Education and Culture. The well-crafted paper is titled “Competition Between China and Traditional Donors in Educational Developmental Assistance Bilateral Perspective”. Kenichi explores quantitative empirical studies on the competition between China and traditional donors in education ODA, using authoritative data and analyzing the process of international aid architecture and China's foreign aid.

Haka Faosta, who is studying Education Economics and Management in IED program, won the prize for her insightful paper “The Impact of Parental Migration on Education and Health Outcomes of Children Left Behind: Evidence from Rural China”. She takes a deep dive in informal family separation due to parental labor migration. Given that an increasing segment of the rural population is entering the migration stream in China, she concludes that more migrant parents will face the stark

choice of where to place their children and the opportunities of upward mobility for their children would be rather limited unless rural migrants are provided better chances of incorporation into Chinese cities.


The paper prize is also awarded to Rahman Md Sahariar, a first year IED student in the Higher Education strain. His paper “How Useful are Chinese Degrees for Bangladeshi International Students? Employment Prospects after Graduation in China” is conducted in China and Bangladesh to ascertain the effect of Chinese degrees on the employability of Bangladeshi graduates studying in China. Sahariar shares significant subject differences in the value of Chinese degrees. While subject knowledge is critical for international students in STEM fields, Chinese language skills are the most important factor in determining employment for international students in the humanities and social sciences.

“One of the wonderful things about being a reviewer for China Studies in a Global Perspective Forum”, said Professor Ran Zhang, associate professor of GSE, “is how much the students have thought about China and world in cross cultural perspectives.”

Please join us in congratulating paper prize recipients!