UNESCO HQs ICT Chief Dr. Miao Fengchun Addressed at PGSE

Invited by the Department of Educational Technology, Dr. Miao Fengchun, Chief of the Unit for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Education at UNESCO HQs, gave a lecture on July 23, 2016 at Graduate School of Education, Peking University on the topic of Qingdao Declaration and UNESCO's recommendations on leveraging ICT to achieve Education 2030.

Dr. Shang Junjie, associate dean of PGSE and director of the Department of Educational Technology, and nearly 20 faculty and students inside and outside Peking University were attracted to the event, which was chaired by Dr. GuoWenge.
    Dr. Miao Fengchun has worked on the research and practice on psychology of education and ICT in education for a long time. He obtained his PhD degree (psychology of education) at Beijing Normal University, and later became the director of National Center for ICT in Education of China Ministry of Education (MOE). From 2006 to 2011, he worked as the Program Specialist in ICT in Education at UNESCO Bangkok. From 2011 to now, he served as the Chief of the Unit for ICT in Education at UNESCO HQs.
    At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Miao Fengchun pointed out that China should strengthen reform of supply front on ICT in Education, and made some specific suggestions from the aspects of industrial structure, administrative mechanism, key technology, disadvantaged groups, and teaching and research. In terms of how ICT transformed Education, Dr. Miao introduced his own model, named Miao’s Model. He explained this model from two aspects, one was the openness of curriculum& assessment/campus or learning environments, the other was the input and output process of ICT. Based on Qingdao Declaration, Dr. Miao Fengchun introduced UNESCO's recommendations on leveraging ICT to achieve Education 2030, and the eight political commitments that the signatory nations should complete.
    After the lecture, the audience raised s series of questions such as where the ICT in the grass-roots area of China should head, what was close degree between open university and government in other countries and how to make the learning platforms more unified during the teaching process, and Dr. Miao Fengchun answered all the questions well and won the applause.