Faculties Attended International Conference on College Study and Quality Improvement of HE

From July 9 to 10, International Conference on College Study and Quality Improvement of Higher Education and the 2016 Annual Meeting of Branch of Institutional Research of China Association of Higher Education was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The conference organizer invited many domestic and foreign experts on institutional research to address project reports. Focusing on four topics-the institutional development strategy and evaluation, construction of college curriculum and teaching reform, undergraduate learning and development evaluation, and the power and method of institutional research-the participants had profound discussions.

Five of faculty and staff at PGSE attended the conference. Prof. Chen Xuefei was invited to chair the key-note speeches, and Dr. Zhu Hong, associate professor chaired a sub forum. On behalf of the Center for Educational Research of Peking University, Dr. Ma Liping, associate professor reported the latest research results of the center. Dr. Xia Huanhuan, post-doctoral fellow, and Xiong Yu, research assistant of the center, also participated in the conference.

Prof. Chen Xuefei, Dr. Zhu Hong and some other GSE participants

The title of Dr. Ma Liping's presentation was “College Impacts and Students’ Value-added Development: An Empirical Study of a Follow-up Survey at a Chinese Key university”. The study analyzes college students’ value-added development during the four years of college in cognitive ability, interests in majors, creativity, social development and values and further compares the difference in value-added development of students with different individual characteristics, family background, enrollment channels etc.

Dr. Ma Liping giving a presentation