Research Institutes

Institute of Higher Education

The Institute of Higher Education (IHE), Peking University was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1984. IHE is the main part ofprecursor of Graduate School of Education, Peking University (PGSE). IHE conducts studies on educational policy and administration, higher education in China, international and comparative higher education as well as higher education administration. IHE grants M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the disciplines of higher education and Economics of Education and administration.
     IHE has been a part of PGSE  since 2000, when the school was established. IHE covers a variety of fields of studies, including theories of higher education, history of higher education Chinese higher education, international and comparative higher education, higher education policy, and leadership and administration in higher education. IHE has expertised in cross-disciplinary research and has developed a research style that integrates theory, research, and practice. Besides academic studies, IHE faculties conduct numerous commissioned studies and they also provide consulting services and policy recommendations to governments, international organizations, and NGOs. In 2008, the discipline of higher education studies, which is the pillar of IHE, was awarded as a Key Academic Discipline by the Beijing Municipal Government.